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Our History

AirBus A320

AirBus A320

The Atlantis European Airways was founded on 19 January 1999. On 18 March 1999 it has been granted the Operating Certificate, which is being prolonged every year since.

In 1999 the AEA has been granted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) an ICAO code (LUR). In addition, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has granted the digital airline designator code ‘“TD” and accounting code “432”.

The procedure of the membership of the IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) (which, by the way, has been granted only few air companies in the region) is in the final stage.

Initially the AEA started its activities with charter flights from Armenia mainly to CIS countries. The flights have been realized with Russian aircrafts, which previously have been leased from the company Armenian Airlines.

In 2003 the AEA applied for a destination authorisation and was granted the following two destinations: Czech Republic (Prague) and Republic of Austria (Vienna), as Armavia was not interested in these two destinations.

The AEA started negotiations with the Austrian and Czech Airlines, as a result of which a decision was taken to enter into code share flights agreement (code share flights are in the international aviation business widely used arrangements, where two or more airlines share the same flight).

Currently The AEA is negotiating with the Hahn Air, that conducts code share flight or interline agreements with more than 100 air companies. This will give a big opportunity to realise sales with more airlines and increase the sales.

In 2004 the AEA commenced code share cooperation with the Star Alliance member Austrian Airlines and since 2005 with CSA Czech Airlines, a member of the SkyTeam alliance. Austrian Airlines and CSA Czech Airlines are the operating carriers, while the AEA is the marketing carrier.

At the same time AEA signed BSA (Block Space Agreement), SPA (Special Prorate Agreement)

In order to stay in market and to have the possibility to increase the sales, the AEA signed with the operating carriers Austrian Airlines and CSA Czech Airlines Interline agreements.

The Interline agreement gives company the possibility to sell on their behalf tickets of the flights of the operating air company, with the published fares in the reservation system in accordance to the IATA regulations.

During the cooperation with the operating carrier the flight frequency has increased  up to 7 flights per week. The AEA has almost 100 agents in Armenia. The ticket sales are realized by the following international reservation systems: Amadeus and Gabriel. The AEA has signed long term agreements with both system providers.

As the agreement of Armavia with the Armenian Government has expired, the Armenian Government announced the Open Air Policy, which gives the AEA the possibility to expand the geography of the flights and welcomes the establishment of a competitive field.

The AEA is currently negotiating for leasing new aircrafts including negotiating with the established partner air companies Austrian Airlines and Czech Airlines for further development of the mutually productive cooperation.

Atlantis European Airways has registered Airbus A320. The aircraft has performed the C check (annual comprehensive inspection) at the CSA Technique.

The AEA will realise charter flights with the following destinations: Yerevan-Prague-Yerevan, in summer schedule will realise charter flights to Greek Islands and other destinations.

It realizes also charter flights on requests from Yerevan to different destinations.